1.5. – 5.5.2017 Colourstrings – Seminar “Ein Weg für die ersten Streicherjahre” Bundesakademie Trossingen, Germany

Prof. Géza Szilvay and Yvonne Frye – violin, viola Csaba Szilvay and Csilla Tuhkanen – cello

More information: Colourstrings-Ein Weg-2017 Contact:

Colourstrings-Ein Weg-2017



27.5. – 29.5.2017 – Colourstrings Course – London, Great Britain

Prof. Géza Szilvay – violin Pirkko Simojoki – viola  Csaba Szilvay -cello

The first of 2 training weekends that together fulfill the training requirements for Phase 1. The second weekend will begin 10th February 2018.

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7.6. – 11.6.2017 Phase 2, Helsinki, Finland

at The East Helsinki Music Institute, Helsinki, Finland

2 A 7.6.-9.6.

2 B 9.6.-11.6.

Application at:

Please check our admission requirements.



Wednesday, 7th June
Opening ceremony
Workshops (including Lunch, Coffee/Tea and concert)

Thursday, 8th June
Workshops (including Lunch, Coffee/Tea, Dinner )

Friday 9th June
Workshops, lectures and concert
(including Lunch, Coffee/Tea, concert and the Closing session)

Friday 9th June
Workshops (including Lunch Coffee/Tea and concert)

Saturday 10th June
Workshops (including Lunch, Coffee/Tea, Dinner )

Sunday 11th June
(including Lunch, Coffee/Tea, and the Closing session)

If you have an questions, please don´t hesitate to e-mail:



15.6.2017  Workshop at the Yehudi Menuhin school, London 

Yvonne Frye – violin, viola



3.7. – 7.7.2017  Basic Colourstrings Course – Madrid, Spain

Prof. Géza Szilvay – violin, viola

More information: Scroll down in the alphabetic schedule of courses

Contact: Mr. Andrés Ortiz –


10.7. – 14.7.2017 Basic Colourstrings Course – Kecskemét, Hungary

Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music

Prof. Géza Szilvay – violin, viola Csaba Szilvay – cello


1.7. 2017   Workshop Conservatory Freiburg, Switzerland 
 Yvonne Frye – violin,viola
29.7. – 4.8.2017 – Basic Colourstrings Course – Glasgow, Scotland
Prof. Géza Szilvay – violin, viola
More information and contact:


6.11-10.11.2017 28 th INTERNATIONAL COLOURSTRINGS FORUM, Bundesakademie Trossingen, Germany

Phase 1  of the Colourstrings certification: violin, viola, cello

Prof. Géza Szilvay, Yvonne Frye – violin, viola Csaba Szilvay, Csilla Tuhkanen – cello

For information e-mail:

Colourstrings_Trossinge_2017 (1)


2017 Introductory Colourstrings Course – Paris, France (Prof. Géza Szilvay)


2017   Indiana Jacobs school of music, USA (Yvonne Frye)

2017 CS  course and masterclass for children at Boston String Academy, USA (Yvonne Frye) 

2017 Chambermusic festival, South Africa (Yvonne Frye)

2016    Key note speech about group teaching at the EMO conference in Copenhagen, Denmark Yvonne Frye
2016    27th International COLOURSTRINGS – COURSE, The East Helsinki Music Institute
2016    One Day Music Kindergarten Workshop for Instrumentalists, The East Helsinki Music Institute Karen Mackenzie
2016    Colourstrings Music Kindergarten and Colour Keys, Edinburgh, Scotland
2016    COLOURSTRINGS INTRODUCTION COURSE for Violin and Cello, Kecskemét, Hungary, The Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy of Music Géza and Csaba Szilvay
2016     Coloustrings Orchestra course in Bundesakademie Trossingen, Germany Géza Szilvay, Yvonne Frye
2016    CS Phase 1 and 2A at ANU, Canberra, Australia Géza and Csaba Szilvay, Yvonne Frye
2016    CS coaching weekend at Conservatori de Reus, Catalonia, Spain Yvonne Frye
2016    CS Phase 2B at Trossingen Bundesakademie Géza Szilvay, Yvonne Frye
2016    CS Weekend course in Galway, Ireland Yvonne Frye
2016    Colourstrings introduction course in Santiago de Chile Yvonne Frye
2015    CS demonstration via distance teaching from the Sibelius Academy to Indiana University Bloomington in cooperation with Mimi Zweig Yvonne Frye
2015    CS Introductory lecture Jyväskylä Finland Yvonne Frye
2015    CS Introductory lecture Finland Yvonne Frye, Csilla Szilvay
2015    CS Introductory lecture Finland Yvonne Frye, Csilla Szilvay
2015    Keynote speech Luzern, EMU congress (European Music School Union) Yvonne Frye
2015    Peking Central Conservatory of Music Géza Szilvay
2015    Madrid CEPIC Géza Szilvay
2015    London Menuhin School CS teacher team
2015    Kecskemét Kodály Institute Géza Szilvay
2015    Germany, Trossingen, Bundesakademie – June 2015 Yvonne Frye, Géza Szilvay
2015    Germany, Trossingen Bundesakademie – September 2015 Yvonne Frye
2015    Follow up/Refreshing course in South Africa, Johannesburg Yvonne Frye
2015    South Africa, Johannesburg, Introduction Yvonne Frye
2014    South Africa, Johannesburg, Introduction
2014    The Faroe Island
2014     Hungary, Kecskemét, International Kodály Institute, 25th International Colourstrings Course, Phase I
2014     Germany, Trossingen, Colourstrings Certification Course, Phase I
2014     Germany, Dresden, Schütz Konservatorium, Intensive Introduction course
2014     France, Valencienne, Conservatoire, Introduction course
2014     Austria, Klagenfurt, International Colourstrings Course, Phase II
2014     Australia, Toowomba, Conservatory, Colourstrings course, Phase I
2013     UK, London, Weekend Course
2013     Switzerland, Basel, Colourstrings Introduction Course
2013     Spain, Barcelona, Weekend Course
2013     Spain, Banyoles School of Music, Colourstrings Course for string teachers
2013     Poland, Warzawa, Colourstrings Introduction Course
2013     Hungary, Kecskemét – Kodály Institute
2013     Greece, Athens, Keynote Speech
2013     Germany, Trossingen, Colourstrings Introduction Course
2013     Germany, Mönchengladbach, Weekend Course
2013     Austria, St.Paul, 24th International Colourstrings Course, Phase I   Phase IIa
2012     Poland, Warsawa, Censa, Conference key note speech CS
2012     Nepal, Kathmandu, Colourstrings Introduction Course
2012     Germany, Landesmusikakademie Hamburg, Introduction
2012     Germany Bundesakademie Trossingen, Intensive Introduction
2012     England, London, 23th International Colourstrings Course, Phase I   Phase II
2011     Germany, Trossingen Bundesakademie, Introduction Course
2011     Germany, Berlin, Hochschule für Musik Hans Eisler Introduction
2011     Austria, Salzburg, Mozarteum, Introduction Course
2010     Germany, Dortmund, National ESTA Kongress ,Key note speech
2010     Germany, Coesfeld, Kolping Bildungsstätte, CS Introduction
2010     Finnland, Helsinki, Colourstrings Teacher Training course 3rd Phase, 28th Nov-5th Dec
2010     Austria, Klagenfurt, Colourstrings Teacher Training course 2nd Phase, January
2010     Austria, Feldkirch national ESTA Kongress , Key note speech
2009     Austria, St.Paul, The XX International Colourstrings Teacher Training Course, August
2008     Finland, Lahti Conservatory, orchestra course
2008     Finland, East Helsinki Music Institute, XIX International Colourstrings Course
2008     Czech Republic, Liberec
2007     USA, Ohio, Columbus, 18th International Kodály Symposium, keynote speech
2007     Italy, Cremona, 35th International ESTA Conference, Double bass lecture by Lasse Lagercrantz
2007     Hungary, Budapest, Szabolcsi Bence Music School
2007     France, Lille, Conservatoire National de Région
2007     England, London, XVIII International Colourstrings Course
2007     Denmark, Copenhagen, Royal Academy of Music
2007     Austria, Horn, Allegro Vivo Festival, Introduction Course
2007     Austria, Horn, Allegro Vivo Festival, Introduction Course
2006     Spain, Madrid, Alcalá de Henares University
2006     Italy, South Tirol, Bozen music educational institute
2006     Germany, Frankfurt, International Music Fair
2006     France, 6th Figeac Festival
2006     Finland, Kuopio Music Centre, European Music Union EMU General Assembly
2006     England, London, XVII International Colourstrings Course
2006     Denmark, Odense, Carl Nielsen Music Academy
2006     Denmark, Copenhagen, Royal Academy of Music
2006     Austria, Innsbruck (ESTA)
2005     Switzerland, Neuchatel (ESTA)
2005     Finland, Helsinki: The XVI International Colourstrings Symposium and Course
2005     China, Central Conservatory of Beijing, International Kodály Symposium
2004     The Faroe Islands
2004     Slovenia, Bled Festival
2004     Scotland, Glasgow (ESTA)
2004     Hungary, Budapest Szabolcsi Bence Music school
2004     France, Figeac Festival
2004     Finland, Pietarsaari, Finlands svenska sång- och musikförbund
2004     Finland, Kuhmo: X Prima Nota Festival
2004     Finland, Kotka, Maakuntapäivä “Musiikin siivet ja juuret”
2004     Finland, Kokkola, Keski-Pohjanmaa Polytech
2004     England, London, XV International Colourstrings Course
2004     England, London and Cambridge, ESTA British Branch
2004     Denmark, Vejle, Conference by the Danish Ministry of Education
2004     Austria, Klagenfurt University
2003     Switzerland, Lugano Conservatory
2003     Italy, Majano, Italian ESTA
2003     Italy, 3rd Mozartini Festival and 51st Ravello Festival
2003     France, Amiens Conservatory
2003     France, 3rd Figeac Festival
2003     Finland, Kuhmo: IX Prima Nota Festival
2003     England, London: Guildhall School of Music and Drama
2003     England, London, XIV International Colourstrings Course
2003     England, Cornwall (ESTA)
2003     Austria, Wien Conservatory
2002     Spain, Barcelona: Forum Musica
2002     Italy, Montecorvino Rovella: Mozartini Festival
2002     Hungary, Budapest Szabolcsi B. Music school
2002     Finland, Kuhmo: VIII Prima Nota Festival
2002     England, London: XIII International Colourstrings Course
2002     England, Cardiff: Royal Welsh Music Academy (ESTA)
2001     Scotland, Glasgow Royal Music Academy (ESTA)
2001     France, Paris (ESTA and Association of European Music Institutions)
2001     Finland, Kuhmo: VII Prima Nota Festival
2001     Finland, Helsinki: International Colourstrings symposium and XII International Colourstrings Course (ESTA)
2001     Austria: Wien, Salzburg, Graz (Jeunesse)
2001     Austria, Klagenfurt, Kärntner Landeskonservatorium
2001     Austria, Innsbruck Conservatory (ESTA)
2000     London, England: XI International Colourstrings course
2000     Italy, Bologna: ESTA, International Festival ”La Musica ai Bambini”
2000     France, Amboise (FFEM)
2000     Finland, Kuhmo: VI Prima Nota Festival
2000     Austria, Vienna Conservatory
2000     Austria, Linz: Upper Austrian ESTA
1999     Tour of Europe: Dublin, Manchester, London, Brussels, Antwerp, The Hague, Düsseldorf
1999     Sweden, Gothenburg University: Course for string teachers, ESTA
1999     Latvia, Riga: Course for string teachers
1999     Hungary, Budapest: ESTA course for string teachers
1999     Helsinki: Workshop for Swedish and Austrian string students and teachers
1999     France, Paris: Course for string teachers, ESTA
1999     Finland, Kuhmo: V Prima Nota Festival
1999     England, Portsmouth: ESTA International Conference ”Strings 99”
1999     England, London: X International Colourstrings course
1998     Latvia, Riga: Course for string teachers
1998     Finland, Kuhmo: IV Prima Nota Festival
1998     Finland, Kuhmo: course for string teachers
1998     Estonia, Tallin
1998     England, London: IX International Colourstrings course
1998     Austria: lectures at all conservatories (Wien, Salzburg, Linz, Eisenstadt, Wiener Neustadt, Graz, Klagenfurt, Innsbruck (Austrian ESTA)
1998     Austria, Pörtschach: ESTA Conference
1997     Tour of Asia: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau
1997     Germany: Colourstrings course at the Music Academy of Münster
1997     Finland, Kuhmo: III Prima Nota Festival
1997     England, London: VIII International Colourstrings course, West London University
1997     England, London, Silver Gala at the Barbican Centre
1996     Transsylvania, Szekelyudvarhely: Colourstrings course
1996     The Netherlands, Amsterdam: ISME Congress
1996     Sweden, Stockholm: Course for teachers, Stockholm Royal Music Academy
1996     Hungary, Concerts in honour of the millecentenary of Hungary
1996     Finland, Kuhmo: II Prima Nota Festival
1996     Faroe Islands: Festival of Scandinavian orchestras
1996     England, London: VII International Colourstrings course, West London University
1995     USA, Minneapolis: Organization of Kodály Educators Congress
1995     Norway, Oslo: Music Academy
1995     Finland, Kuhmo: Kuhmo Music Institute, I Prima Nota Festival for string orchestras
1995     England, London: VI International Colourstrings course, West London University
1995     Denmark, Tølløse: Teacher’s course for ESTA Danish section
1995     Denmark, Odense: NMPU Congress
1994     Tour of America: Rochester, London, Ann Arbor, Cleveland, Washington, Toronto
1994     Netherlands, Amsterdam: Teacher’s course for ESTA Dutch section
1994     England, London: V International Colourstrings course, West London University
1993     USA, Minnesota: Colourstrings course for string teachers at Mankato University, organized by ASTA
1993     USA, Connecticut: Colourstrings lecture at the International Kodály symposium at Hartford University
1993     Hungary, Kecskemét: Colourstrings course in connection with the international Kodály conference
1993     England, London: IV International Colourstrings course, West London University
1993     Denmark, Haslev: Colourstrings course for Scandinavian string teachers, organized by ESTA and Danish Kodály Society
1993     Australia: Canberra (AUSTA National Conference), Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart (lectures at universities, organized by AUSTA)
1992     Tour of Asia: Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei
1992     Korea, Seoul: ISME Congress
1992     Hungary, Budapest: Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
1992     Estonia, Tallinn: Colourstrings Course for the teachers of the Conservatory
1992     England, London: III Interantional Colourstrings Course, Trinity College
1992     England, London: Colourstrings Course, West London University
1992     Denmark, Copenhagen: Colourstrings Course, Royal Conservatory
1991     Switzerland, Lausanne: ASTA Congress
1991     Sweden, Arvika: ESTA Congress
1991     Hungary, Kecskemét: Kodály Course
1991     England, London: II International Colourstrings Course, Trinity College
1991     Denmark, Haslev: ESTA Congress
1990     Tour of Europe: England, France, Germany
1990     Hungary, Budapest: Course for String Teachers
1990     Finland, Helsinki: ISME Congress
1990     England: Lectures at the Royal Academy of Music, Trinity College of Music, London College of Music, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and Royal Northern College of Music
1989     England, London: I International Colourstrings Course
1989     Denmark, Haslev: Kodály Workshop
1989     Denmark, Copenhagen: ESTA Workshop
1988     Hungary, Budapest: Kodály Workshop
1987     Tallinn, Riga, Moscow, Leningrad
1987     Great Britain: London, Exeter (ASTA Workshop), Aberdeen, Edinburgh
1987     Faroe Islands: NMPU
1987     Denmark, Haslev: Kodály Workshop
1986     The Netherlands: ESTA Workshop
1986     Austria, Innsbruck: ISME Congress
1985     Sweden, Stockholm: ESTA Seminar
1985     Scotland, Edinburgh: ESTA Workshop
1985     Faroe Islands: Music Festival
1984     Switzerland, Bern: ESTA Congress
1984     Denmark, Haslev: 1st Nordic Kodály Seminar
1983     Belgium, Antwerp: VI International Kodály Congress
1983     Australia, Melbourne: AUSTA Congress
1982     England, Bristol: ISME Congress
1981     Scotland, Edinburgh: Congress of the European String Teachers’ Association (ESTA)
1981     Japan, Sapporo: V International Kodály Congress
1981     Australia, Brisbane:Congress of the Australian String Teachers’ Association (AUSTA)
1980     Poland, Warsaw: ISME Congress
1980     Denmark, Copenhagen: Danish String Teachers’ Symposium
1979     Finland, Kuhmo: Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival
1979     Finland, Helsinki: NMPU Congress
1979     Australia, Sydney: IV International Kodály Congress
1978     Finland, Helsinki: Finnish Violin Teachers’ Symposium
1978     Canada, London: ISME Congress
1977     Sweden, Örebro: Congress of the Nordic Music Teachers’ Association (NMPU)